I’m just a home chef with a passion to veganize every recipe I come across! I’ve been a vegan for 18 years and counting. In that time, I have tried and tested many different ways to turn a “regular” (aka “omnivore”) recipe into a vegan one. I don’t like to use too many unusual or rare ingredients, which are hard to find in small towns and “regular” grocery stores. I have made it my goal to use as many ingredients as possible that can be found in any ordinary kitchen pantry. Many of the recipes on this site are my own creations, which have all been tested on omnivores to get their seal of approval. However, I will also feature delicious recipes from some of my favorite vegan chefs.

My hope is that new vegans and beginner vegan cooks will find solace in these recipes, which I will always try to help you succeed in cooking. I will give tips, tricks, and substitutions wherever possible, so that you can use what you have in your pantry instead of making a special trip to the store to get one strange ingredient.

Most importantly, when cooking new vegan recipes, have fun with it!! Eating vegan has opened up a whole new world of foods to me that I may never have tried if I had continued to be an omnivore my whole life. Let your tastebuds go on an adventure! I’ll meet you in the kitchen!